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The Aswell House

Donated by: Dr. Chuck Aswell

Dr. Chuck made the decision to donate his house to The Acosta Foundation to continue our work helping others. His childhood home, the home where he raised his children, where his memories were created, he has entrusted this home to us. This picture marks the start of a great adventure, a home for The Acosta Foundation, a place where so many amazing things can and will happen.

In his honor, we will keep the name: The Aswell House. His family home remains. A home built in the 1950s by his father and mother, the late Dr. Charles Aswell II and the late Mrs. Lura Jane Aswell.

We hope to continue to make great memories, host some of Dr. Chuck’s favorite events, and create new adventures!

There are great things coming for The Aswell House, so keep watching for a Facebook Page, press releases, and upcoming events.

The Aswell family has made an amazing contribution to the community, the parish, and to The Acosta Foundation. There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude. The Aswell House will be the headquarters for The Acosta Foundation.

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