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Rodney J. Acosta Sr. Memorial Award- 2022

The Acosta Foundation is named after my father, Rodney J. Acosta, Sr., who was a professional firefighter when my brother and I were children. We are proud to have started a fund to help fire departments as part of our foundation’s mission. With this yearly award, we are able to supply equipment, training, or items the fire department requests, if they are chosen.

chris soileau.jpg

On November 10, 2022, the first ever Rodney J. Acosta Sr. Memorial Award was granted to the Faubourg Fire Station. Fire Chief Chris Soileau was one of the Chiefs who chose to register the fire stations and substations in his area. He chose to ask for smoke/fire detectors with 10 year batteries in each one. Pictured below are members and Board of Commissioners of the Evangeline Parish Fire District #2, along with Ville Platte Fire Chief Chris Soileau. Also pictured at the presentation are some of the Board of Directors of The Acosta Foundation.

We were able to provide 126 of the 10 year smoke detectors at a cost of approximately $2,000.00!

The award is open to any fire department or sub station in Evangeline Parish once a year. We hope to see more applicants each year as we continue this memorial award.

Connie Acosta Lamke stated, "I think my dad would be proud of the fact that we are helping to keep safe so many homes and families throughout this fire department’s district."

Applications for this yearly award open on each year on August 19 and close on November 1.


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