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Support Our Mission

Support Our Mission

Support Our Mission

 Changing Lives One Donation At A Time!

Together, We Can Make it Happen:
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Help Bring the Aswell House Back to Life

At this time last year, Connie Lamke and The Acosta Foundation were blessed by Dr. Chuck Aswell and his family with the donation of the Aswell family home on Main Street in Ville Platte. The Acosta Foundation’s mission and vision aligned with what Dr. Chuck and his family have stood for and contributed to for the greater part of their lives. Connie and the Foundation board are not only extremely appreciative for this very generous donation and investment in the community, but we are humbled and honored to be able to continue the Aswell family legacy along with The Acosta Foundation’s work with this beautiful home as our base. Some of the Foundation’s projects include raising funds for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Savoy Cancer Center Patient Indigent program, American Heart Association, Miles Perrett Cancer Center, local senior citizens in long-term housing/care facilities, families in need, disaster assistance, and much more.


The Acosta Foundation is accustomed to giving to others rather than asking for assistance. However, when working to put this wonderful home into community service, there are a large number of regulations that must be met that are not required for a residential building. We have been working diligently throughout the year to cover the costs of this work with Connie and Chris Lamke taking money out of their own pockets to operate the home and make some of the changes that need to be made.


Some of the requirements for which we need assistance include flooring to replace what were the carpeted areas of the building, replace or repair three HVAC units, convert a residential bathroom for handicap accessibility, install a fire escape from the second floor, install an interior sprinkler system, and repair windows and sheetrock due to leaks from the roof. We have taken care of the roof leaks and continue to watch closely so we don’t have any further damage.


Our most urgent needs for the next couple of months are to purchase and install flooring in the previously carpeted bedroom areas, to convert one bathroom for accessibility, and to repair/replace the three HVAC units. The proposed costs for these three projects are estimated to be $31,500.


The Acosta Foundation board are appealing to each of you to do what you can to invest in helping us meet the regulations so we can fully use the property to benefit the Ville Platte area and organizations throughout the parish and surrounding areas. No amount is too small nor is any amount too large! Every dollar of your donations and investment, less the 2.9% GoFundMe payment processing fee, will go directly to completing these three projects. 


Thank you in advance for helping The Acosta Foundation help other organizations and individuals through the use of this beautiful home.

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